About Us

ICS XPRESS is a venture initiated by ICS Group Companies with an aim to benefit and give back to the people who truly put hard work into the development of products that we use every day. Artisans, craftsmen etc., are creators who are forgotten due to the various stages of manufacturing. At ICS XPRESS, we believe that a product is more than just a thing; it is the result of people’s skills, talent and hard work. In light of this inspiration, we aimed to create a shopping experience like never before by reducing the digital divide that exists in today’s time. Our online market place covers a wide variety of products facilitating online buying and selling. This platform is aimed to omit the “middle man” and make manufacturers directly in touch with their consumers; bridging the gap and price difference between the two.

What are we doing?

We seek to help sellers achieve their goals by serving as an online portal, where they can sell their products with ease. Our focus is to create a customer experience using market knowledge and by providing a state-of-the-art user interface. At ICS Xpress, we offer an outstanding customer and seller experience through the flexibility of our service, always giving equal priority to both.

What makes us Unique?

We do not just deliver products, we deliver promises. Being part of the service industry for over three decades, we value our clients and customers, and deliver them the best.